Tom & Jessica

My partner and I weren't in any sort of financial hardship, but we also were not getting anywhere nor moving forward without money saving for a house and starting a family.

Upon calling Kim and setting up our spending plan program it really helped us to itemise where our money went and planning what was coming up in the future. The program also gave us projections of what amount of money we should have left at any day in the future if we followed the budget we set. In doing this we were able to put money aside and pay off a number of loans and credit card debts quite quickly simply by being able to see what we could afford on different weeks.

The program also allowed us to set out timelines of when things would be paid off, and when we could put that money towards our house deposit. What it also showed us was that we could be saving, paying off our debts and still have a life without needing to rely on credit cards!

All in all, Kim is excellent too deal with, coming forward with ideas and strategies to get you in the position you really want to be financially, and her program is easy enough to play around with and track your progress.

I would recommend this service to anybody who is looking at ways to get themselves out of a bad place, or to simply get a gameplan of how to use your money wisely and with a purpose!

Happy Customers,

Tom & Jessica


Liz, Mackay

Paid off TWO credit cards in 8 months, a huge sigh of relief and weight off my shoulders.

Saved up $10,000 at the same time in my business!

Kicking goals!  So confident with my finances that I'd finally rented a studio space for my photography business.

Thought it was going to be a hard journey, but it wasn't, and I'm grateful for it and for Kim as my financial mentor.

Moving forward and upward, saving for a car, a new computer and a holiday!! 


Jackie & Justin

Appointing Kim from Premier Spending Planners has been an inspired decision. With 2 young boys & both working, we have a busy life. We earn a reasonable income but each month we were falling further behind & it was stressful. Kim has not only assisted us back to a comfortable financial situation she has given us financial skills for life, skills we can pass onto our children!

We now have a workable plan amendable to the needs of our family and can finally save for our dream property. I can't stress enough that you need this now, don't keep letting your hard-earned cash slip away.


Helena, Mackay

Hi, my name is Helena - I recently purchased my first home on my own and found that the cost of living and paying for all those bills kept piling up beyond my control. I was very lucky to get in touch with Kim from Premier Spending Planners just in time to seek some help.

Kim has helped me greatly over the last few months, in setting up a very easy to use, practical and totally transparent spending plan that allows me to still have the freedom to live my life the way I want to and to be able to cover all those bills easily and on time.

The spending planner program is easy to use and shows me what my financial life looks like in a simple and easy to adjust the way that allows me to plan for and cope with my bills and debts successfully on my own.

Kim has offered great assistance with setting up the plan, researching the best ways to help me save and putting me in touch with other professionals for extra assistance.

Within a short few months, I am so much more confident and relaxed about my financial life, and it's all thanks to Kim. I honestly couldn't have done it without her.


Grant, Northern Beaches, Mackay

Hello, my name is Grant and I have a question for you. Do you ever ask yourself or your partner - Where did all the money go?

This was a question I was asking all the time, my wife and I earn a very good income but never seemed to have any money left. Our finances and our spending were out of control. Plus the overwhelming fact we needed a new car for our growing family. We were in a downward spiral and seemed to have no way out of it. The pressure this was putting on our marriage, relationship and family was intense.

Then by chance, we were introduced to Kim Donnelly from Premier Spending Planners. We met with Kim and signed up to the spending plan that day. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain if the spending plan work as Kim had explained to us.  It has been 6 months since we have started the spending plan and with Kim’s excellent guidance and ease to talk to, we now have control of our finances and we have bought a new car.

With Kim’s help using the spending plan and dedication and an open mind to your finances, you too can gain control over your finances.


Antonia, Mackay

My husband and I were spending more money than we earned, living off our credit card.

So when I had the opportunity to meet with Kim, and she said that so long as I implemented her suggestions, if I wasn't at least 2 times better off than the cost of her services within 12 months, that she would refund the money that I paid her for her services. I thought well, I don’t really have much to lose!

We started the plan in May 2018, it was very tough getting my head around how it was all going to work. But by the time we got our tax refund back in August, we paid the credit card off and I was more aware of our spending. We had to cut down on a few things, for example, my husband smokes, so he changed to a cheaper brand of cigarettes. I am so happy that we went with Kim because she showed me that you CAN actually get your life back on track with only a few minor sacrifices.


Vanessa, Northern Beaches, Mackay

We have a dream – a dream to be out of debt, to buy some land and build a house, and have enough money in our bank account to not have to worry ever again.  When I met Kim, she showed a great understanding of where we had to be and how we could get there.

Using the spending plan, we can see how well (or not) we are doing at any given point. It is awesome to know that if we spent money in July, we wouldn’t have enough money in October and so we could plan around it. Kim has taught us what we didn’t learn in school. A spending plan is very different from a budget and this is true. A Spending Plan, plans for our future, our children’s future. I know once all our debt is paid, we will be ok for the rest of our lives. For most people, this would not be something they could fathom. With Kim, it is possible.

Kim has not only shown us how to get through the difficult times and to make wise decisions in the good times, but she has also shown us the diligence and maturity we need to have with money to reach our goals.

Kim has been by our side the whole journey. She has open communication with me whenever I need it; we have regular appointments for when I get stuck, to go through what our plan looks like for the future, and implementing new plans for each area with our financial/life goals.

I encourage anyone who is having difficulty with their money, making ends meet or are even fine with their money and just wish to plan better and for the future – make a free appointment with Kim NOW - it will be the best step you have ever made.


Wayne, South Mackay

Hi, my name is Wayne and I'm a self-employed courier franchise owner-operator. I started with a small van about 3 1/2 years ago slowly building the business up to what it is now. I now have a larger newer van and 1 subcontractor working for me.

The business now is making over $20,000pa more since I bought it. The problem was bills and my lack of computer skills that seemed to be holding me back. Even though I was making my commitments and paying my bills, I couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel.

I have a very good accountant who has helped me out many times in the past, however, all accountants are quite costly. Then one day when I was stressing over financial problems, my accountant put me in contact with Kim Donnelly. I thought I have nothing to lose, so I contacted Kim. Glad I did and wish I would've done so sooner. Kim has filled the hole that I was having trouble with and set up a spending planner program on my computer. My lack of experience and time made it hard for me to keep on top of things. But now working with Kim has not only given me more free time, but I can also now see light at the end of the tunnel, and see my bank accounts slowly growing with my business. The best thing is its very inexpensive. I will keep working with Kim as long as I have to, and strongly advise anyone with similar problems to give Kim ago like I did.


Anya & Jake

Our names are Anya & Jake,

We knew we were in trouble financially in 2018 when an upcoming decrease in income was looming and we were already living paycheck to paycheck. The only thing that stressed us out more than our debt, was having to borrow money from family to essentially be able to live. We felt like we were getting nowhere, and felt like complete failures as parents and as adults.

Along came our referral to Kim, and the amazing work she does as a Spending Planner. I was a bit afraid to get in contact with her initially, as we had attempted budgeting in the past and have always found it way too overwhelming. But from the very first contact, Kim helped us feel comfortable, safe and helped ease the guilt of our bad financial choices. For the first time in a long time, we felt like we could get on top of things.

And oh my, what a journey it’s been!

Since enlisting Kim’s help, we have had change after change, designed I’m sure to test our sanity - loss in child support and family allowance, cut off from pay for 3 weeks, moved house, wage changes and ultimately changing jobs, all of which Kim helped us navigate to ensure that we can make it through and keep a roof over our heads, food in our belly’s AND all bills paid.

Some weeks it still gets tight, and we have to stretch to make it through to the next pay, but the difference is now we know everything is paid for – we KNOW that we are not in arrears, we haven’t needed to borrow money, and we have met our obligations. We can see that the plan is working, and to be able to see that it’s not forever and that all this is working towards the bigger picture (debt-free, comfortably living, able to take holidays with our children), is an indescribable feeling. We would have had none of this without Kim’s help, and we are forever grateful that she came into our lives right when we so desperately needed help.

We only wish we had started earlier! Don’t hesitate to get started with Kim - you won’t regret a moment of it!


Rick and Leanne, Northern Beaches, Mackay

Hi Kim.

Thank you firstly for your assistance in turning around our financial position and secondly for the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Premier Spending Planners.

My wife and I have always been comfortable financially. While we are not well off, we would not be on the bones of our backside either. The money came in and was spent and so it rolled on month by month. We would always seem to be in a financially similar position at the end of each month. We had no real savings plan or any way of forecasting potential times where the money would need to be put away in advance of a bill or cost that was unexpected. Occasionally a few extra unexpected bills would come in. We would find a way to recover but had no real plan to ensure we didn't get surprised again in 12 months time.

I was paid monthly and would pay off the credit card as soon as I was paid and then use the credit card to make all purchases as a way of tracking our spending. This seemed to work until our son was involved in a car accident. In order to fix our car and get it restored it wiped out our spare cash from our bank account. This coupled with Christmas, and bills soon had us in a not so great position of a credit card near its limit and a spending habit that was greater than our income. We would go out for dinner a couple of times a week, as it was quick and easy or after kid’s activities. This all accumulated into a position where we needed help to get ourselves financially on track.

Leanne had met Kim at a business networking breakfast where Kim talked about her business Premier Spending Planners. Leanne suggested that we talk to Kim to see if she can help. To be honest I wasn’t really keen at first. As a typical man, I had left the bookwork and financials in my wife’s hands. We were running 2 successful businesses. I thought “ We bring in all this money where does it go”. In reality, talking to Kim was the best thing moneywise we have done to date.

Kim’s helpfulness was immediately apparent. We signed up at our initial meeting. It was a relief to see that the problems we were facing are not unusual to a lot of her clients and that she had assisted them. We came away from this meeting with a sense of relief that we could get ourselves financially and emotionally back on track. To be fair financial strain places pressure not only on the bottom line but can also strain relationships.

The first part of the process was to do an open heart of our true financial position working out all our bills, when they were due, what was necessary and what was extra spending that was unnecessary and could be cut. It was confronting but working through the plan only made our resolve that much stronger as we saw opportunities to reduce spends that were taken for granted. I remember a couple of times saying why is there this bill for $x each month. We haven’t used it for years…

We had dreamt of going to Sweden at the end of the year to see our son who was studying in Gothenburg. This dream seemed out of reach, as we needed to find an additional $25,000 for the holiday that, on the way we were going was impossible. With Kim’s help and consistent guidance, we were able to get the tickets booked!!!!!

It was a revelation to me to see how much of the money is accounted for prior to anything else. It showed me quite quickly how much extra money can be redirected to areas that require immediate attention, and how by utilising the tools Kim brings can lead to surpluses in what was once financially daunting.

Thanks, Kim again for your help. I hope you can assist others who are in a similar position to where we were.

Regards Rick and Leanne, Northern Beaches, Mackay