7 Month Spending Plan Program

This minimum 7-month program is designed for people who have some debt which first needs to be eliminated before being able to move forward towards achieving their goals such as homeownership, investing, planning for retirement, or major life goals such as a wedding or overseas holiday.

We work closely with people during those 7 months, initially having 3 - 4 Face to Face meetings to set up your bank account structure, identify all your expenses, set up your first Draft Spending Plan, find the number missing from YOUR bank account, show you how to use the software, then create the perfect Spending Plan for the next 12 months which will show just how much you can save and the exact date you can have that amount saved by.

We will have weekly email check-ins to keep you on track and accountable to your goals, plus catch up by phone or text any time you experience unplanned expenses, which we will show you how to safely navigate around so you are still on track with your Spending Plan.

We also hookup once a month to discuss "What If" scenarios, fine-tune your Spending Plan, and make adjustments where necessary.



6 Week Financial Acceleration Program (Individual Coaching)

This is an individualised coaching program for those people who are already fairly savvy with their money.

They are living well enough without worrying about where to find the money to pay all their bills, they are managing their home loan debt quite well and have minimal other debts which also are not creating any problem.

However, they realise that their future finances could be so much more improved with a Spending Plan, which will show them exactly where they can make major savings with minimal effort.

If you want to be in a MUCH better position and far more financially secure in 12 months, 2 years, 5 years and for the rest of your life, a Spending Plan will get you there.


Our Guarantee

The savings we show you how to make will far outweigh our fee, and you will potentially save several thousand off your expenses if you follow the strategies we recommend. We guarantee if you do follow our strategies and are not better off by at LEAST 5 times our fee in 12 months time, we will happily refund our fee. We are confidently offering this guarantee, as most people are better off FAR more than 5 times our fee, no matter what their circumstances. 


Benefits to You

Your own individually customised spending plan will help you simplify your expenses by:

  • Showing you a clear picture of where you stand financially
  • Show you in what order debts should be paid off to save the most interest
  • Teach you how to set money aside for those unplanned expenses
  • Teach you how to save much faster for your dreams/goals simply and easily
  • Show you how to use the software tool to compare different “what if” scenarios, so you can plan your future with certainty
  • Be more aware of and limit your discretionary spending
  • It even shows you where the “traffic jams” may be along the way. A Spending Planner shows you how to successfully navigate around the “traffic jams” and still achieve your goals.


Benefits of a spending plan:

  • You feel empowered and in control
  • See the exact date you will be able to achieve each of your goals
  • No more feeling overwhelmed when bills arrive
  • No more stress
  • Know exactly how much 'spare' money you have leftover to splurge on yourself (no more guessing and getting it wrong!)