Do Premier Spending Planners Offer Financial Advice?

No, We will offer recommendations about your spending plan only. We don't offer or give financial advice because we are not qualified in this field. However, we are well networked and if considered appropriate for your circumstances, we will put you in touch with respected Mortgage and Insurance Brokers, Financial Advisors and Accountants who are qualified in these fields and who genuinely care about your financial well-being.


I Am Experiencing Difficulty Getting a Mortgage - Can a Spending Plan Help Me?

Having a spending plan can help you work towards getting a mortgage much faster, by helping you reduce your level of debt and increasing your ability to save. Your plan will also show a lender that you can manage your finances responsibly, live within your means, and consistently save for your deposit.


What Is the Difference Between a Spending Plan and a Budgeting App?

Budgeting apps are like any budget - they tell you what your target amounts should be for the year, but don’t tell you that a particular bill is due 2 days before your payday and that you won't have enough money in the bank to be able to pay the bill. A budgeting app also doesn’t explain how to properly structure your bank accounts so you will always have that money available when the bill is due. A budget tells you where you need to be with your money, but it cannot tell you exactly how to get there.

A Spending Plan gives you detailed directions on how to get to your financial destination. You will know ahead of time how much you need to have in the bank on any given day, so you always have enough in your account to pay your bills. The greatest benefit over a budgeting app which you will have with a Spending Plan, is that you will also have your own Spending Planner to help you get started; teach you how to use the software; keep you accountable, motivated and on track; and show you how to make any changes when unplanned expenses occur.


Can a Spending Plan Help Me If I Am Retired?

When you are retired it is even more vital that you focus on your finances, to ensure you will have enough money to live as comfortably as possible. Creating a personalised spending plan will achieve this for you. Once you pay attention to your money, you’ll be more likely to make even wiser choices about how you spend, save and invest. No matter what form of income you receive in your retirement, a spending plan will maximize your spending power.


What If My Income Changes/Reduces?

This is where the beauty of a Spending Plan comes to the fore! Your finances are NOT set in concrete with a Spending Plan! As things change in your life, as expenses or incomes change, you make the necessary changes and then voila! - you will have a new, workable spending plan to follow for the next 12 months. You will be able to see at a glance where the possible future 'roadblocks' may occur, and plan accordingly.


I Do Not Think I Earn Enough Money to Afford a Spending Plan - How Can One Help Me?

Rather than focusing on how much you earn, a spending plan focusses on how you spend it.
A spending plan will help optimize your financial situation based on whatever your level of income is. When there’s not much coming in, you have to be completely aware of what you do have. Creating a spending plan will show you exactly what lifestyle you can comfortably afford no matter what your income is, and it will help you to stay out of the financial ‘debt trap’ even if your income is a challenge.


I Already Manage My Finances Quite Well - How Will a Spending Plan Help Me?

It is highly likely that having a spending plan will help you do even better. It will show you that you are in a position to allocate even more than you had believed you could to saving, and will show you exactly how fast your savings are growing, rather than simply guessing. It will actually relieve you of stress as it will reinforce how great you are actually doing, and also show you the anticipated date you can achieve your goals!


I Have Just Left School and Entered the Workforce - What Benefit Would a Spending Plan Have for Me?

This is the perfect stage of your life to create your first spending plan! It will give you valuable life skills so you will be able to manage your finances successfully right from the word go! The world will be your oyster - think of the opportunities you will be able to take advantage of over your peers because you have put consistent savings and spending plan in place. A Spending Plan ensures you will still be able to enjoy life's pleasures while you are saving.