Recovering from Your Christmas Spending Hangover

After Christmas, it isn’t only the overconsumption of food and beverages that we need to recover from. Quite often it can be the over-indulgence of Christmas spending that causes us headaches. Whether it was spending too much on presents, or the extra trips away that cause us to feel the financial pinch, Premier Spending Planners has the tools to help. Here, we have compiled a list of simple ways to help you rebound from your Christmas spending splurge.


Take Stock of Where You Are Sitting Financially

It would be all too easy to act like a flamingo right now. But, ignoring your financial strain is not going to make it easier. The more proactive you are now, the easier it will be to recover. So, make a list of your debts and upcoming expenses that need tackling in the next few months. Don’t forget things like back-to-school costs, car registrations, and if you used your credit card a bit too much over the holidays, get an up-to-date balance. You will be surprised how helpful it will be to have this clarity.


Set a Recovery Goal

Having a written goal of when you want to be recovered from these debts is a great motivator. Write it in a bold marker and put it somewhere you will see it regularly. It will help you stay focused on moments when you are at your weakest and help keep you on track. If need be, add micro-goals so that you have smaller targets to tick-off along the way.


Can You Return Unwanted Gifts?

How many of your recently received Christmas gifts are headed for the bottom of the cupboard? Don’t let them go to waste just for fear of looking ungrateful. Most gift-givers will understand and even appreciate if you respectfully ask for the receipt so that you can return the item for store credit or so that you can buy something you really need. It’s not grinch-like if it is saving you from financial strain.


Have a No-takeaways or No-spend Month

How much food do you have left-over from Christmas? If you are like me, you have a half-leg of ham, a few sides, maybe even some turkey. Now is the perfect time to turn those leftovers into easy dinners or freezer meals and commit to a no-takeaways month. Committing to simply not spending on non-necessities like takeaways or even clothes and home décor for an entire month can save you hundreds of dollars.


Spend Savvy

There are more sales than just Boxing Day sales.  Many retailers carry their sales through to the new year or offer discounted prices for pre-opened boxes or returned gifts. So, keep your eyes open for these when you are buying the necessities like back-to-school iPads, for example.


Recover from Your Christmas Spending Hangover!

Remember, you are not alone in this financial struggle. Premier Spending Planners is here to help you get out of debt and set yourself up for a financially prosperous 2021.

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