What does the perfect wedding in 6 - 12 months time look like to you?

You have started investigating wedding costs, and they are starting to add up to more than you had both anticipated. Then there will be all the little last-minute expenses that you hadn't even considered.

You don't need to spend a fortune on your wedding, as that will mean you have to wait longer to be able to purchase your new home together - however, you WOULD love to be able to include some extra special things to make your wedding day perfect. Such as being able to hire that talented videographer (who made your friend's wedding so special), in addition to the photographer. And being able to include your 3 best friends in your bridal party instead of just one. And being able to provide delicious food options instead of a standard alternative drop menu. All things that will make your special day extra memorable!

Getting your Spending Plan in place NOW will show you how to be able to save those extra thousands, so that you have more money for the perfect wedding of your dreams. And it is a lifelong tool - your Spending Plan will also show you not only how to save faster for your new home together, but how to be well prepared for all the "For Better or Worse" scenarios that life sends your way.