How to Get Your Spending Back on Track in the New Year

Parents all around Australia can now breath an audible sigh of relief. Christmas is over. New Years has been and gone. The kids have returned to school. Life is now getting back to normal which makes it the best time to start putting the pins in place to support your ambitious 2020 money goals. Whether it is buying or building your new home, saving for a wedding or the great family holiday, Premier Spending Planners can help you reach your goal.

First, let us assure you that it is never too late to get your spending habits back on track. We know how easy it is to get caught up in the Christmas spending cycle. Then throw in school holiday activities and all the Back-To-School expenses, and you are suddenly paying off more credit card debt than you anticipated.

But, by making some simple tweaks to your spending habits, you can quickly get back on track. Some such tweaks could include:

  • Buying lunch or tuckshop much less often;
  • Buying groceries in bulk when they are on special;
  • Doing large cook-ups that can be frozen for easy dinners on those ‘lazy’ nights;
  • Cutting out luxury spends such as cinemas, or extra ‘just because’ items of clothing;
  • Not buying magazines – a lot of that content can be found online for free;
  • Cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes or switching to a cheaper brand of cigarette;
  • Cancelling unnecessary monthly subscriptions.
  • Temporarily suspending your gym membership – there are plenty of ways you can get the same results with a little bit of ingenuity!
  • Do you really need Foxtel, Netflix AND Stan?  If you don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, surely only one of these is enough.  And if you DO spend a lot of time watching TV, perhaps it is time for a healthy change – get off the couch and out into our beautiful outdoors!


You will be surprised how much of a difference any number of these will make to your annual budget. If you want to take it a step further, you could implement these additional savings tips.

It may sound harsh, but the key to maintaining these savings habits is to remember that you don’t deserve to overspend on all the ‘wants’ if it means your family has to struggle to pay the essential bills. And the last thing you need is to get on the wrong side of your bank or real estate agent by missing house repayments/rent payments, just because you feel you work hard and should be able to spend whatever you want.

If you need extra help with getting back on track, our 7 month Spending Plan Program will identify your current expenses and debts. Sometimes this identification can be quite confronting, but you can’t move forward until you deal with the past. Working together with Premier Spending Planners, we will initially help you set up the simplest and best bank account structure for your situation. Entering all your expenses and debts into these accounts then allows us to identify the amounts you NEED in each account, to always keep your accounts on track so you can become debt free.

Additionally - and this is where it gets exciting - we will take your goals one step further. Our Forecast Software can also help you keep track of any expected AND unexpected upcoming expenses so that you won’t be caught by surprise in the future. Our clients have reported that this is one of the best features of our program as it helps them really monitor where they are sitting in relation to their goals, and it removes the anxiety of those larger bills when they come in, as they can plan ahead how to pay for larger bills.


8 Simple Steps to Become Wealthy

8 Simple Steps to Become Wealthy

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