How to Avoid That Post-christmas Spending Hangover

What is it about Christmas that makes everyone push boundaries? Whether it be over-eating, overconsumption of alcohol or overspending on gifts, consumers can’t help but test their limits. While we can’t help you with your food and alcohol consumption, we can help you avoid your Christmas spending hangover.

One of the most common causes of overspending during the Christmas period is presents which is why we have written a blog solely focused on the tools to help you overcome that trap, you can read that now by going to 10 Ways to Curb Your Christmas Spending. Now, let’s focus on the other causes of the Christmas spending hangovers.



This tip doesn’t exactly relate to over-consuming, but rather over-sharing. It is easy to be caught up in the generosity of the season and offer to provide most, or all, of the food if you are hosting Christmas lunch. But, remember you don’t need to feed the masses. Most people are happy to bring a plate to share at a festive Christmas lunch. So, why not spread the festive flavours and ask everyone to contribute something to your feast? It’ll save you time, money, stress and dishes!

Still on food: have you ever received a hamper of homemade, festive-themed treats? How much did you love eating your way through the homemade fudge, rum balls and shortbread? Making homemade food hamper gifts is a great way to spread holiday cheer while also working within a tight budget. Plus, if you get your kids involved, it is a holiday memory-making activity that your children will cherish.


Holiday Activities

Not all families have the time or budget to go on large holidays during the Christmas period. But, spending time with family, at home and on a budget is still possible.  There are many websites dedicated to helping you keep the kids entertained during the holidays, but one of our favourites is Stay at Home Mum. If you are in states outside of New South Wales, we recommend heading to your local council website to see what free or cheap school holiday activities they have planned. There are also many, many Facebook pages dedicated to local communities which will also be brimming with activities.

If you are in the market for a holiday this Christmas, we recommend you set a budget to avoid overspending. If you think you may still be tempted, opening a separate holiday bank account may help.

Shopping around for family-friendly holiday deals is also highly recommended, as is heading somewhere which isn’t a tourist hot spot.


Festive Events

You don’t need to say yes to every holiday party this season. People will understand if you decline an invitation, as you are most likely being inundated with invitations to events or parties. If you are on a tight budget, being selective about which invites you accept will help you stay within budget.

For the events you are heading to, know that you don’t need to buy a new outfit for each one. Wearing last year’s dress or borrowing a friend’s shirt will save you money and hassle over deciding what to wear. 


Avoid That Post-christmas Spending Hangover!

For more holiday spending and saving tips, please get in touch with Premier Spending Planners. Oh, and if we are meeting in person, we love shortbread (hint hint).

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