How a Spending Plan Can Improve Your Finances and Boost Your Relationship

No-one taught us at school how to be successful in managing our finances. It isn’t our fault that we don’t know how to fix our cash flow problems.

Just like when you were learning to read and write, you had to ask for help from a teacher. There’s no shame when you are a kid, asking for help reading a book or adding some numbers. Just like there’s no shame now in seeking a professional, who specialises in Spending Planning.

At Premier Spending Planners, we specialise in helping busy people, just like you, to get their debts under control, and their future finances well planned. We’ll help you get on top of your finances, so you can move forward with your life, and turn your goals into reality.

Did you know?

Arguing about money is one of the most common reasons people get divorced. Even the best relationships can fall apart when the struggle to pay bills, keep a roof over heads and enough food on the table, gets too much.

Once people get in control of their financial health, other areas in their life unconsciously start improving, including physical and mental health, and relationships with partners, children and themselves.


Even If You Think It’s Too Late, It’s Not! Now Is the Time to Create a Spending Plan.

Here’s something REALLY IMPORTANT! A spending plan IS NOT A BUDGET!

Budgets are depressing and overwhelming. And they are SO difficult to stick to. If you’ve done a budget and it didn’t work, you’re not alone! A budget is not going to help you get out of a financial crisis.

As part of our 6-month program, we’ll work with you to create your own customised Spending Plan. We’ll show you how to maintain it, and you’ll be able to clearly see how much money you actually have, and what you need to do to make sure you have enough money in the bank to pay ALL your bills on time – every time.

  • NO MORE arguing with your family about money
  • NO MORE feeling depressed or having sleepless nights
  • NO MORE feeling stressed and anxious about losing the things – and people – you highly value in your lives.

Instead, you’ll feel empowered and have a great sense of satisfaction knowing you are now in full control of your future.

Stress and anxiety are real WH&S issues, as your mind might not be fully on the job at hand. When you gain control of your finances, you might find that you are more engaged and productive at work - and less likely to leave.

Most People Who Are Having a Financial Crisis, Don’t Want Anyone to Know They Are Struggling.

Have you ever told a friend you were too busy to go to dinner, but really you just couldn’t afford to go? What if you said yes, knowing that you and your family would have to go without other meals, just to make up for the one that you’re having with your friends.

If you feel this same way, you are not alone. Living beyond your means, just to keep up appearances, affects more people than you think.

The pressure to keep up appearances, whether it’s with family, friends or even your partner, IS REAL and before you know it, that pressure can cause people to get into a VERY bad financial situation.

The first thing we always say is that you need to STOP trying to keep up with other people’s extravagant lifestyles. You never know another person’s true financial situation. Maybe they have a secret trust fund? Maybe they already have a Spending Planner? Or maybe they’re in the same position as you - also struggling, also drowning in debt, just doing whatever they can to “prove” that they’re not going under?

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I promise you, if you join our 6-month program, you’ll uncover the secret to being able to manage your money well, and you’ll never feel obliged or pressured to keep up with everyone else.


It Isn’t the Amount of Income You Earn That Makes You Wealthy, It Is How Well You Manage Your Expenses.

The gap between what you spend and what you save makes ALL the difference.

When you sit down with us and create your Spending Plan, it’s almost like finding the secrets of the universe.

At Premier Spending Planners, we are experienced in helping people turn their financial situations around. We have no judgement of where you are at with your finances - we simply want you to be able to turn your lives around in as short a time as possible.

It’s time to take the first step to get rid of that dead-financial weight.

Let’s go!

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