Back-to-school Hacks That Will save You Time and Money

Who’s excited to see their kids go back-to-school? Despite the resounding ‘NO’ which we can hear from the kids, back-to-school time is usually great for the parents as it signals a return to normalcy after the chaotic school holidays. But we know that back-to-school time can also be stressful for parents who are struggling with the rising cost of school supplies. Never fear though, because Premier Spending Planners are here to help you take hold of those rising school costs and get you back on track with your spending.


Get Creative with Notebook Covers

Buying pre-printed contact or plastic sleeve covers can get quite expensive. So why not try these ideas instead:

  • Do you have a child who loves to do art? Give them a pile of old magazines and ask them to cut out pictures and collage the front of their school notebooks.
  • Use the child’s own drawings as covers.
  • Go around to newsagents and ‘thrift stores’ and ask them if they still have a supply of 2019 calendars and use the monthly photos as covers.
  • While you are at the thrift store, buy one or two rolls of cheap wrapping paper which make great decorative covers.


Organise a Supply Swap-meet

At the end of last year, most kids would have come home with a supply of unused stationery and books. Collate the supplies and go onto one of your local Facebook groups (we know you are part of at least one…) and ask if any other parents would be interested in organising a supply swap meet. This is a great chance to get rid of unused things like grade-specific notebooks and swap them for things you may need like erasers.

While you are going through last year’s supplies take note of the things which can be used again this year. Things like partly used erasers and coloured pencils DO NOT NEED TO BE NEW at the beginning of the school year.


Space Out Purchases

We know uniforms are expensive and most kids need multiple uniforms, i.e. one formal and one sports. But this does not mean that you need to buy five uniforms all at once. Your child can get by for a term or two with two uniforms.

While on the subject of uniforms; if you live in the tropics as I do, your child can wait until the weather cools off until you buy them a jumper. And, if they really only need a jumper for the beginning of the day, giving them a P&C Uniform Shop jumper is perfectly acceptable. Plus you have the added bonus of the money going back into the school!

We know that primary schools ask for (sometimes ludicrous) amounts of stationary. For the younger grades, these items are often pooled for communal use. Therefore, instead of buying the nominated two packs of coloured pencils or eight erasers, save yourself money by only purchasing half the requested amount. The rest can be purchased after school starts and when the products are on sale.

There are many back-to-school organisation hacks to be found online, but for more savings tips contact Premier Spending Planners. 


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