Memorable Christmas

If family Christmas is being held at your home this year, are you wondering how to make this year’s Christmas Day the most fun, memorable Christmas ever?

Here is my Money Saving Tips to ensure EVERYONE has a fantastic time!

1 - Secret Santa for the adults. Rather than spending a fortune buying a gift for everyone, settle on a price acceptable to everyone’s budget and buy ONE quality gift for one person. It is the thought that counts, not the dollar value. There are free websites online where you can organise a secret draw. Everyone loves the surprise associated with finding out who their secret draw will be, plus receiving their own gift from a mystery person!!

2 - For small children 2 to 4 years old. Make different coloured Play Dohs instead of buying, and challenge the little ones to make the best Santa/reindeer/Santa’s sleigh/Christmas elf/snowman. Let the kids themselves choose the winner, and give a tiny Christmas themed prize.

3 – Children’s gifts 4 to 9 years old. Consider buying interesting creative activity gifts to keep the little ones happily occupied on Christmas day, which will have an added bonus of also continuing to occupy children during the school holidays. Ideas such as rainbow-coloured loom bracelet making kits, Mould and paint plaster fridge magnets, Christmas Jumpup Kits for kids to make then play with (includes foam pieces, wiggle-eyes and spring mechanism), will all get kids into the Christmas spirit! All valued at under $15, yet provides hours of cheap fun!

4 – Buy a beautiful Jigsaw puzzle of intermediate level, and have it partially completed on a spare table. You will be surprised at how those of all ages, from young to old, won’t be able to resist placing a few pieces whenever they walk by!

5 – Ask each person/family to bring along a fun activity, card game or board game they already have at home, for everyone to play on the day. Set a time limit for the game, and provide a ‘trophy’ to the winner at that point. Do the same for each activity and see who is the Overall Activity Winner at the end of the day. You may be surprised at who becomes most competitive!!

6 - Turn beer stubbies into cute little reindeers with craft material eyes, red noses and pipe cleaner antlers, so that the lucky receiver can still enjoy the holiday spirit while knocking back a cold one!!

7 - Organise a Christmas themed Treasure hunt for children OR adults – find free printable clues online. ie "Pass the time by counting sheep, find the clue near where you sleep". "Santa’s elves are filled with glee, find the clue beside the tree". You choose the winning treasure!

8 - Ask everyone to prepare and bring along a Christmas themed dish, to ease the burden on the person hosting Christmas Day.

9 - Buy some cheap $1 water pistols from somewhere like The Reject Shop, enough for everyone to participate. Place them in covered boxes next to outdoor taps. Secretly prepare your own water pistol first! Get everyone outside later in the day when not too hot (don’t tell them why), then merrily ‘shoot’ everyone in sight!! In summer’s hot weather, everyone will race to fill their own pistols in an attempt to retaliate, and they will enjoy being cooled down – and it IS only water!! RULE – strictly an outside activity only!!

10 - Remember that Christmas is not so much about spending money, but about spending quality downtime with family. We are in fast mode all year, so make sure to relax and enjoy the company of your family on this special day, and give them the greatest gift of all – your 100% attention!!!


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