How a Spending Plan Can Improve Your Finances and Boost Your Relationship

No-one taught us at school how to be successful in managing our finances. It isn’t our fault that we don’t know how to fix our cash flow problems.

Just like when you were learning to read and write, you had to ask for help from a teacher. There’s no shame when you are a kid, asking for help reading a book or adding some numbers. Just like there’s no shame now in seeking a professional, who specialises in Spending Planning.

At Premier Spending Planners, we specialise in helping busy people, just like you, to get their debts under control, and their future finances well planned. We’ll help you get on top of your finances, so you can move forward with your life, and turn your goals into reality.

Here's Why You Still Don't Own A Home — And What To Do About It

In Australia, homeownership is plummeting.

Today, only 66.2% of households own their home (mortgaged or otherwise) — the lowest rate of ownership since 1994.

What's behind this trend? One of the biggest reasons is that it's simply harder to get a mortgage. Many people go to the bank to find out they aren't eligible, despite having put in hard work and planning.

A decade or two ago, they would have qualified for a mortgage. Today, they're out of luck. What changed?

Are You 100% Sure You Can Afford A Baby?

Having kids is expensive. In fact, the weekly cost of having just one child in Australia is estimated to be $263.

There are lots of costs to consider — and one of the big ones is maternity leave. How much money will you need to set aside to pay your bills and cover expenses while your partner is away from work?

During this time your income will be reduced by half, but your expenses will stay the same (and maybe even increase). If you don’t plan ahead and take the right steps to ensure you’re ready, this could be a real stretch financially.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things to consider when saving for a baby, and how to make sure you save enough.

How to Afford a Wedding And Your Dream Home

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive — the average Australian wedding costs $36,000.

Despite the cost, though, weddings are a special event. It’s something you want to do only once, and for most of us, it’s worth a little extra expense. Even though we’d all love our dream wedding, many people are deterred by cost and opt for a wedding that is less than they dreamed of.

What Is the Difference Between a Budget and a Spending Plan?

Money experts tell us that in order to get our financial house in order, we should do a budget.

However, at the risk of being shouted out of the room, let me tell you that a budget is the WORST thing you can do to get your finances in order, for many reasons.

How Will You Pay the ATO Fine and Tax If You’ve Withdrawn but Are Ineligible for Covid-19 Super $10,000?

As we are all aware, if you are experiencing financial stress as a result of Coronavirus, you may be able to access your superannuation.

How to 100% Fireproof Your Finances Against Income Reductions Caused by Covid-19

Even prior to COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) being declared a pandemic, many people were simply living week to week, not really saving anything, occasionally having to “rob Peter to pay Paul” whenever bills or debts were due to be paid.  So the latest constraints we are all likely to experience will make things even tougher for many if cash flow problems are not improved now.  Even those who are doing okay at the moment are likely to struggle if income is affected.

How to Avoid the New Wage Trap

Picture this: it’s Friday afternoon, you’re watching the clock because you know you get to knock off early today. You’re feeling tired after a long working week. The anticipation of getting your foot out the door is becoming unbearable. Just then, an email pops up. It’s your payslip. You're first in this new job. Now, your mind fills with ideas of what you are going to buy. Perhaps you put fuel in the car. Maybe you’ll buy those sunglasses you’ve been eyeing off. Or, your first stop is the bottle shop for your after-work drinks.

Family Budgeting Expectations vs Reality

One of our clients recently told us how they were feeling frustrated with their family budget. They earn a comfortable, discretionary income which, in theory, should see them saving quite a bit of money for their goal of building a home. However, with their spending habits coupled with one-off expenses, they were merely covering costs and not adding to their savings.

How to Get Your Spending Back on Track in the New Year

Parents all around Australia can now breath an audible sigh of relief. Christmas is over. New Years has been and gone. The kids have returned to school. Life is now getting back to normal which makes it the best time to start putting the pins in place to support your ambitious 2020 money goals. Whether it is buying or building your new home, saving for a wedding or the great family holiday, Premier Spending Planners can help you reach your goal.

Back-to-school Hacks That Will save You Time and Money

Who’s excited to see their kids go back-to-school? Despite the resounding ‘NO’ which we can hear from the kids, back-to-school time is usually great for the parents as it signals a return to normalcy after the chaotic school holidays. But we know that back-to-school time can also be stressful for parents who are struggling with the rising cost of school supplies. Never fear though, because Premier Spending Planners are here to help you take hold of those rising school costs and get you back on track with your spending.

Recovering from Your Christmas Spending Hangover

After Christmas, it isn’t only the overconsumption of food and beverages that we need to recover from. Quite often it can be the over-indulgence of Christmas spending that causes us headaches. Whether it was spending too much on presents, or the extra trips away that cause us to feel the financial pinch, Premier Spending Planners has the tools to help. Here, we have compiled a list of simple ways to help you rebound from your Christmas spending splurge.

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