My name is Kim Donnelly, and I am a certified member of the Spending Planner's Institute in Queensland.

My desire to become a Spending Planner stemmed from my own successful experience with them. I have always been in charge of our household budget yet, in the past, I found that we were only scraping by, never getting any substantial savings to move us into the next phase of our lives. It was when I was in the midst of another financial obstacle that I found the Spending Planner program, which helped us get ahead.

In 2016, I came to the realisation that I no longer gained satisfaction working in administrative positions. I felt there had to be something more meaningful that I could be doing with my life. This was when I was offered the chance to help others with their finances, using the same program which had gotten my family out of our financial troubles. I just knew that becoming a Spending Planner was a perfect fit as it afforded me the opportunity to show others how they too could significantly change their lives by achieving financial independence.

Nothing makes me prouder than helping mentor and coach my clients into that 'lightbulb' moment when they realise, they CAN actually reach their goal so much sooner! This is because, as a Spending Planner, I help my clients plan for that future by anticipating their prospective expenses, not just reviewing what they have spent in the past.

I love working hand-in-hand with my clients to encourage change in their spending habits. Seeing the excitement on their faces, or reading their emails advising of their dreams being achieved, brings me exceptional joy.

I understand how daunting financial strain and management can be. Therefore, I offer tailored Spending Plans which allow me to work with my clients in ways that make them feel comfortable and in control. Regardless of which Spending Plan my clients choose, I want them to always know that someone is in their corner, helping to guide and support them through any financial trouble. Together, we will develop a 365-day Spending Plan to manage their money in a more efficient manner. I will keep my clients on track if they run into any difficulties with unplanned expenses.

I would love to show you too, how your dreams really are achievable by creating a Spending Plan customised to meet your individual needs and goals.